What Is Hydroponic Food Production

By | August 13, 2014

The technology of greenhouse food production is changing rapidly with systems today producing yields never before realized. The utilization of these systems in greenhouse food production is remote. Hydroponic/Soilless Culture

• To establish food production systems in close proximity to local markets globally. specialisations include Hydroponic Food production systems and the application of Ecological Scientific Methodologies to new agricultural production systems.

Tion on expected levels of individual elements in tomato tissue analysis, see Hydroponic Food Production by Howard Resh, 1995, (cited in the Links and References page of this website).

greenhouse production system for lettuces and greens could allow Kentucky tobacco farmers access to a new market Hydroponic Food Production. A Definitive Guide to Soilless Culture. 1994. Howard M. Resh. 5th ed. Woodbridge Press,